Bottom line, this place is awesome

If you're looking for a gym that will sign you up, forget about you, and expect you to pay dues every month for something you aren't using, then this isn't the place for you.

If you want an full stocked powerlifting gym that has great people and will always hold you accountable to achieving your goals, then there is no better place than SoCal Powerlifting. They have tons of squats racks, deadlift platforms, all sorts of training bars that even other specialty gyms don't have, and 24/7 access that removes any excuses. Plus if you are visiting from out of town, Zack will let you pay for a day pass with Paypal so you don't have to worry about needing to show up during scheduled hours to get it set up. Bottom line, this place is awesome.

- Chris McKenna

The highlight of my day

Ever since I started training at SoCal I've improved leaps and bounds in every aspect of my lifting.

I've hit pr's that I've been chasing for what feels like forever! Not too long ago I had ACL reconstruction surgery and that took me out of training for almost a year. So now to be able to see such improvements in my squat and deadlift after so long feels unreal. I owe a ton of thanks to Shelby for working closely with me and just being an overall amazing coach. On top of that the environment at Socal is something I've fallen in love with. Everyone is so cool and supportive and it's honestly the highlight of my day when I get to come in and train.

- Bobby Yribarren

Can't say enough about this place, its staff, and all the other members!

The owner, Zack, is incredibly passionate about what he does, and I saw that from my first tour of the place. The equipment is top of the line, the 24-hour access is perfect for my wacky schedule, and the vibe of the gym is SOOOOOO much better than any globo gym you'll see.

I've been "powerlifting" for about a year, but putting together random programs and lifting at 24 (UGH) with "meh" results. I took the plunge at SoCal back in January and got on a program with Juan for a my first official meet at the end of this month. In just a couple of months my numbers have skyrocketed! So much thought and care goes into every workout Juan specifically programmed for me with constant check-ins and feedback.

- Daniel Howard

I've never loved training somewhere more than I love training at SoCal.

The community at SoCal encourages you to break free of societal stereotypes, to take your own path at your own pace, and to grow and learn in an environment where you feel supported to do so.

Having a space where I can go where I know I'll be not only supported, but inspired and challenged, makes me a stronger lifter and person. My favorite part about SoCal is coming to the gym after 10-12 hours at work (usually pretty exhausted!) and knowing the infectious energy of the people around me will push me to get even just a little bit stronger that day. I am so grateful for this Community, and I've never loved training somewhere more than I love training at SoCal.

- Neale Snyder

Incredibly welcoming and helpful.

I have always been pretty active and have tried everything from Bikram yoga to barre to HIIT to bikini prep. It was my boyfriend who got me into powerlifting, and I have been hooked ever since.

We joined SoCal Powerlifting at the end of January. Then, I could barely squat 150lbs, deadlift 190lbs, and bench the bar. And my form was awful. It was a little intimidating to walk into a gym where everyone was SO incredibly strong. However, they were also incredibly welcoming and helpful.

Coach Zack Bartell was patient with me, and we worked on my form, built some muscle, and increased my lifts by at least 50lbs (for each lift!) in just a few months. Zack is encouraging, personable, and obviously knows his stuff when it comes to getting strong."

- Aneliah Enriquez

Powerlifting has changed my life.

I have been doing this for about 5mo and I am getting a ton of help from Coach Zack to get stronger, healthier and more confident. Zack is realistic, understanding and very good at explaining through all my questions.

I could never work out more than 3 days a week anywhere and now 5 days at SCPL is just standard for me! I am feeling the muscles coming in and my form improving. Powerlifting makes me feel better about my body and my Swolemates and Zack are so encouraging that it's helped with my self-esteem too. I even continued lifting with Zack through an ankle injury with his customized programs! I love that powerlifting is now a part of my life!"

- Christina Lee

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