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Join thousands of clients who have achieved their goals through personally tailored guidance, feedback, and programming from an expert team of coaches.

24hr Access to Premium Equipment

With the most combo racks in O.C.,
all the competition equipment you could need, and plenty of accessory machines, you will never have to wait for a station again.

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You will be part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals who are here to support you and your goals.

Personalized powerlifting coaching for everyone.

We welcome athletes from all backgrounds to maximize their strength and train with community support.

Learn the fundamentals

We’ll walk you through the basics of the squat, bench press, and deadlift, then provide you with advanced tips as you continue to grow.

Custom programming

Your programs progress with you, so your workouts will always be optimized to your latest performance, abilities, and goals.

Daily video feedback

Your coach will provide in-depth, video feedback on your workout within 24 hours, so you can improve faster.

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Competition-level equipment
available 24hrs a day

We’ve got all the racks, kilo plates, specialty bars you need to mimic competition conditions—every single session.

Never wait for a rack again.

Combo racks
Wall racks
Deadlift platforms
Kilo plates
Power bars
Squat bars
Deadlift bars

We’ve got your accessories covered too.

Specialty bars
Belt squat
Glute ham drive
Reverse hyperextension
T-bar row
Back extension
Leg press
Glute drive
Cable machines
Dumbbells up to 150lbs

Here’s what our members have to say...

The coaches truly care about you.

"I was causally lifting with my husband at the time at the local 24 hour joint, but I knew I wanted more. And I'm so happy I found the courage to reach out and hire a coach."

Kaitlyn Kelly

The best equipment, whenever you need it.

If you want an full stocked powerlifting gym that has great people and will always hold you accountable to achieving your goals, then there is no better place than SoCal Powerlifting. They have tons of squats racks, deadlift platforms, all sorts of training bars that even other specialty gyms don't have, and 24/7 access that removes any excuses."

Chris McKenna

I can always count on my coach and others for help.

"There were situations when I didn't know how to use an equipment or needed help with a lift—I always felt comfortable asking for help from other members because of how friendly everyone is."

Tiffany Ngo

I've never loved training more than I do now.

"My favorite part about SoCal is coming to the gym after 10-12 hours at work (usually pretty exhausted) and knowing the infectious energy of the people around me will push me to get even just a little bit stronger that day."

Neale Snyder

My numbers have skyrocketed.

"I've been 'powerlifting' for about a year, but putting together random programs and lifting at 24 with 'meh' results. I took the plunge at SoCal back in January and got on a program with Juan for a my first official meet at the end of this month. In just a couple of months my numbers have skyrocketed!"

Daniel Howard

I instantly felt an improvement in my form and pain.

"Due to a past shoulder injury, benching has been my toughest workout. I let my coach know, and he quickly told me what we could do to help balance/strengthen my shoulder. Within minutes, he was able to spot some ways to improve my technique. I truly felt a change."

Luis Diaz

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