Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Meet Kimmy Johnson: 
Nutrition Expert

Kimmy's been with the SCPL family since early 2020, but she's been coaching for over a decade. Not only that, she's lead an extraordinary powerlifting career and won the title of IPF World Champion in 2018. Kimmy combines her personal experience with her background in nutrition science as a graduate of the University of Wisconsin's world-renowned exercise science program. In other words? Kimmy's a pro.

Nutrition Coaching

Plan Options

SCPL offers nutrition plans with rates based on frequency of check-ins, commitment length, and other factors. This makes nutrition coaching with us a flexible option that's perfect both for those who want more accountability and those who just need a plan to follow. Our system accommodates both types of individuals with equally high standards of service.

Nutrition Coaching

What You Get

Customized Plan

Every nutrition client receives a customized macronutrient plan based on their goals. Plans are broken into individual meals with multiple options for each, guaranteed to fit your plan perfectly.


Get together as frequently as your plan requires, either in person at the gym or remotely over Zoom.

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